What is a limited edition print?

A Limited edition print means there will only be a specific number of editions available of a specific artwork.once the editions are sold out there will be no more prints available . Each limited edition prints are numbered and marked at the bottom of the image (Eg: 1/100 ) Which means first print of 100 Limited editions available of that artwork.Will you ever re-produce a Limited Edition artwork?Absolutely not ! Once a limited edition print is sold out , I will delete the original file and will not be able to reproduce in any form even for myself ! I absolutely value my artwork and my customer.

Where are your prints produced?

Premium Prints are custom made in professional lab in Las vegas,Nevada,USA

What is TruLife acrylic ?

Trulife Acrylic is a superior crystal clear scratch resistant anti-reflective coating applied to standard acrylic which enhance the visual appearance by improving the details and brilliance in the image . Developed specifically for high end fine art printing.

What is your return policy ?

30 Day Money Back Guarantee - If for any reason the finished artwork does not meet your expectations, simply return it in its original condition. I will gladly exchange,replace or refund your investment. Take up to 30 days to decide! Some limitations do apply *

*Applied to Lumachrome TruLife prints only , shipping cost not included